Private Yacht Finance – $125,000 Loan closed for a 2019 35′ Bluewater FAST FORWARD

Private yacht finance can be an excellent financing option for the purchase of a luxury yacht without the hassle of obtaining a traditional bank loan. A great example of reliable private yacht finance is the recent closure of a $125,000 loan for a 2019 35′ Bluewater FAST FORWARD Loan.

Ideal for those without a credit score, bank statements, or income to qualify for a traditional loan.

The lender uses the yacht’s value as collateral for the loan through asset-based financing. The loan covers 50% of the yacht’s wholesale value, providing significant funding for a new purchase. In addition, this financing requires no credit check, bank statements, or income verification, making the process quick and easy. You can fund the loan in just 17 days, allowing for rapid financing of your yacht purchase.

The loan also covers all necessary documentation, including the deal sheet, survey, insurance, and coast guard registration, making it hassle-free. Rest assured; all paperwork has been handled to make the process smooth and stress-free.

Private yacht financing is an excellent alternative to traditional bank loans for those buying luxury yachts. With quick funding, no credit checks, and hassle-free documentation, this financing option makes yacht purchases more accessible and achievable. In addition, with the yacht’s value used as collateral, the loan covers 50% of the wholesale value, giving people access to significant funding. Moreover, the process takes only 17 days, making it quick and efficient.

For more information, contact Nancy Gonzalez, NMLS#860339 Marine Finance Executive +1 (954) 686-6732.

Bluewater FAST FORWARD Loan
Bluewater FAST FORWARD Loan