A division of M&M Private Lending Group, LLC

A division of M&M Private Lending Group, LLC

At private yacht finance, we provide yacht loans for credit-challenged and other unique situations. Designed for individuals that are purchasing expensive, high-quality pleasure crafts and are having difficulty obtaining a boat loan commitment from traditional banks.


$150,000 Minimum Loan Amount
$300,000 Minimum Purchase Price
$750,000 Maximum Loan
16 to 17.99% Fixed interest only & fully amortized loans available
3 to 4 point origination charge
Up to 48 month term
Minimum 12 months

Serving the boat financing needs of individuals that have been declined for the following reasons:

Equity take out
Low Credit Score
Inconsistent Income
Previous Delinquency
Unverifiable Income
Recent Unemployment

Collection Accounts
High Performance
Charter Use

Live Aboard
High debt ratio
Non-traditional use of collateral
Foreign nationals

Non Conforming Yacht Loan Program Requirements

  • Survey Required on all used boats. paid by borrower
  • Required Lien Recordation: US Coast Guard Ship Mortgage
  • Electronic geo tracking software payable by borrower
  • Completed and signed application for each applicant

Below some past or current yacht loan situations
that require hard money yacht lending

Cash out of late model yacht

Successful business man in Ft Laudersale, Florida needed a small cash infusion into another business venture. His current assets were all tied up in performing stocks and bonds but and he owned a 2001 Lazzara Yacht. We were able to loan $300,000 against a $650,000 liquidation value so borrower got the fast cash he needed that was tied up in his yacht.

Non US Citizen/Foreign Owner example

Borrower was from South America and having difficulty obtaining a bank yacht loan due to traditional bank asking for too much documentation. Borrower was wealthy but earned most of his money overseas and his financials were not documented well. Borrower had resided in the United States for many years and owns a few condos he rents out and a home he lives in. We extended $500,000 against a purchase of a 2016 Azimut with a purchase price of 1.4 million

Unverifiable Income

Borrower was having difficulty obtaining a traditional loan approval as a result of his inability to verify enough taxable income to substantiate the loan advance. The borrower had a decent credit score and had accumulated a significant amount of cash. As a result of these factors, alternative lender advanced $450,000 against a newer year Sea Ray with a purchase price of $900,000

Non-Traditional Boat Use example

Borrower was having difficulty obtaining a traditional loan approval because he intended to utilize the boat as a charter vessel in south Florida. Borrower had excellent credit and liquidity. As a result of these factors, we did a first Lien motgage of $400,000 against a purchase price of $800,000