It’s Another Great Day! $247,000 Loan closed in Miami, FL 33177

The Loan closed in Miami, Florida 33177. With our financing solution, we could extend 60% of the property value in just 11 days – without required tax returns, credit checks, or financials.

The Loan closed in Miami is the outcome of our innovative financing solution. We simplify and expedite real estate financing, providing clients flexible options for accessing their property’s equity. With no tax returns, credit checks, or financials required, our program offers a hassle-free alternative to traditional lending methods.

One of the key advantages of our financing program is its speed. Unlike traditional financing, which can take weeks or months to complete, we can extend 60% of the property value in 11 days. This speed lets borrowers access funds for unexpected expenses, projects, or investments in real estate.

Our financing program is also designed to be flexible, considering each client’s unique circumstances. As a result, we customize financing plans for commercial, residential, or mixed-use properties to meet each borrower’s needs.

Our financing solution is an innovative and hassle-free approach to accessing property equity in real estate. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming traditional loan processes and experience the convenience of quick and efficient real estate equity funding. Contact MICHAEL INTERNOSCIA, NMLS#860339, for more information on how we can help you access the equity in your investment property. Start exploring your options today!

miami hard money
miami hard money