Three Reasons to Choose a Hard Money Loan

If you’ve been following our blog, you likely know what our business is about and how our hard money loans work. Have you ever wondered why you would need a hard money loan in the first place? We have three great yet simple reasons why.

You’ll receive funds faster. In the real estate market, the most lucrative opportunities often require faster financing than a bank loan can offer. A hard money loan can be the best option for financing a real estate transaction when cash payment isn’t possible.

Properties requiring work. Properties that need some repairs and upkeep are often the best values in the market. Approaching a bank for financing rehab properties may result in issues, as many banks refuse to provide such loans.

No credit necessary. We’ve mentioned this one a few times. To put it simply, a bank will not lend money to someone with little or poor credit. Hard money lenders prioritize collateral over credit, disregarding factors such as bankruptcy or foreclosure when deciding to provide financing.

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