Luxury Real Estate Veterans Now Succeeding in the Hard Money Lending Arena

Hard Money Real Estate Loans

MIAMI, FL (August 6, 2019) – M&M Private Lending Group, a licensed broker and servicing company in South Florida, specializes in private hard money real estate loans. Since the company’s inception in October 2011, principal owners Michael Internoscia and Eric Finkelberg have been providing loans for both residential investment properties and commercial investment mortgages. Since 2011, M&M has lent over $250 million and currently manages more than $80 million in various portfolios on behalf of its coveted clientele.

Internoscia and Finkelberg started M&M after recognizing the need for quick competitive real estate investment loans and jumped at the opportunity to offer an alternative to traditional bank loans. M&M stands out as a true asset-based lender by not requiring tax returns, credit checks or bank statements when arranging loans for investors. This advantage provides M&M a key edge in the lending market by having the ability to determine whether they can effectively assist a wide range of clients.

“Most of our capital comes from private money, family offices and hedge funds,” said Internoscia. Clients we worked with during the building boom know of our reputation and feel a comfort level working with us for their financing needs.

The majority of loans M&M arranges are for non-owner occupied (rental and investment) properties.

Much of M&Ms success in the lending business can be attributed to the company’s ability to offer fast cash for investors at competitive interest rates. Private money interest rates do not fluctuate like institutional loans that are tied to common interest indices.  Together both the lender and M&M set the interest rates on private loans that are approved. M&M takes pride in offering the most competitive private money interest rates and settlement charges, while also having very fast closing times.

Coming up on its eighth year in business, M&M is aggressively growing and expanding. Private Yacht Finance, a division of M&M, now offers yacht loans for credit-challenged individuals who are having difficulty obtaining a loan commitment from traditional banks for expensive, high-quality pleasure crafts. “Working in the yacht industry is a natural for us, it’s all luxury and the same financing needs,” said Internoscia.

“Our combined 31 years of real estate and private hard money lending experience has earned M&M the title of true “Miami Loan Experts,” added Finkelberg, who has a real estate background previously working for Toll Brothers, Inc. and Avatar Properties, Inc.