Flipping a Home During COVID-19 Times

By Michael Internoscia, Principal M&M Private Lending Group, LLC 6/11/2020 On the surface, it looks pretty easy – purchase a house, make a few changes, re-list it on the market, and make a profit. There is an array of television shows that have glorified this process, too, but these shows don’t tell the whole story. especially when the market is … Read More

MIAMI AGENT – Who’s Who 2020

Eric Finkelberg, managing partner at M&M Private Lending Group LLC, provides expert advice and quality results with efficiency, honesty and confidentiality. With over 25 years of real estate experience and more than a decade in lending, Finkelberg, the former senior vice president of land acquisition and business development at Avatar Holdings Inc., serves clients in need of quick financing solutions … Read More

Luxury Real Estate Veterans Now Succeeding in the Hard Money Lending Arena

MIAMI, FL (August 6, 2019) – M&M Private Lending Group, a licensed broker and servicing company in South Florida, specializes in private hard money real estate loans. Since the company’s inception in October 2011, principal owners Michael Internoscia and Eric Finkelberg have been providing loans for both residential investment properties and commercial investment mortgages. Since 2011, M&M has lent over … Read More