Fix and Flip Your Property with a Hard Money Lender

“Fix and flip” loans are gaining popularity as people invest in real estate for additional income opportunities. These loans differ from property purchase loans as they aim to sell the property for a profit later.

Typically, investors buy distressed properties to renovate and sell immediately for a profit.

However, traditional funding for fix and flip projects can be challenging, and paying out of pocket is often risky. Banks typically focus on long-term mortgages and do not offer loans for fix and flip, whether short-term or long-term.

Real estate investors usually sell most fix and flip properties within one year of purchasing them. In this case, hard money lenders like M&M Private Lending, LLC, can be the solution to obtain short-term funding. We offer competitive rates and require no tax returns, bank statements, or credit scores, simplifying your fix and flip project financing.

This update is brought to you by Michael Internoscia, Principal Broker and CEO of hard money lenders Florida company M & M Private Lending Group. With 30+ years of experience, we specialize in private money real estate loans and offer a personalized service with low rates and closing costs to our esteemed clients. We also offer mortgage note investments and have worked extensively with brokers and affiliates. Call 305-363-7169 or 954-445-4434 to speak with a lending representative about our Florida private loans or visit our website at to fill out an application form.