Effective Networking

Your net worth will be largely defined by your network. To grow and expand you’re going to need to build relationships with colleagues and those who share similar goals. If you’re not a social butterfly, how do you go about breaking the ice? Here are a few tips.

Be punctual. If you’re not the social type, strongly consider arriving early. It can be intimidating walking into a room full of individuals that you don’t know, and it may be uncomfortable as people start to form their own groups.

Approach strangers and be engaging. Be polite, greet everyone, and strike up a conversation with the person who comes across as most approachable or seems to be in a similar situation you are. Remember that although you want to build the foundations of a professional relationship, putting the other person’s needs before yours by helping them out in some way will go a long way in making a lasting impression. On that note, don’t check your phone every few minutes and try and remain focused on them by listening and maintaining eye contact.

Don’t come across as a walking sales pitch. Although your goals are to expand your net worth, the last thing you want is to come across like a salesman seeking to get something out of a deal. The key is to start creating connections with people who share similar goals and interests.

Take notes and follow up. Depending on how social you are, you may meet hundreds of people, but only a few that you really connect with. Whether it’s their business card or making notes on your phone, keep some details about what you spoke about so you can remind them about it when you re-connect.

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