It’s another great day! Closing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301

Closing in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a brand new land purchase for a lucrative real estate project, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s ready to transform into a remarkable development that will cater to the growing demand in the area. Whether you have a vision for residential units or commercial spaces, the possibilities are endless with this blank canvas.

What sets this opportunity apart is the availability of a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 50%. This means you can secure financing for up to half of the property’s appraised value. This favorable LTV ratio ensures you have the financial flexibility to cover construction costs, design expenses, and other development-related expenditures.

Moreover, one of the critical advantages of this opportunity is the speed at which funding can be obtained. We understand the importance of time in the real estate industry and strive to provide efficient and timely solutions. We can fund your project in eight days with a dedicated team of mortgage professionals and streamlined processes. This allows you to move forward with your plans quickly and seize the market opportunity without unnecessary delays.

For more information regarding real estate investment opportunities or to discuss financing options, contact Eric Finkelberg. He is a Licensed Mortgage Professional with a wealth of experience in the industry. With his expertise, he can guide you through the loan application process. Let this venture be the cornerstone of your success in the thriving Florida real estate market.

Closing in Fort Lauderdale
Closing in Fort Lauderdale