How to Use Private Money for My Clients?

A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate. They are funded by private investors or funds as opposed to conventional loans funded by banks or credit unions. Many hard money lenders have to get approval from investors on every loan, but M&M Private Lending has 10’s of millions in dedicated funds to ensure the terms … Read More

Yacht Loan Situations That Require Hard Money

“The super yacht industry is poised for growth” – Forbes. Meanwhile the boating industry sources say sales have been increasing steady by 4% in the couple last years, the ability to get a yacht loan has decreased by 25%. Thus M&M Private Lending Group’s specialty in yacht lending has become solution for the costumers who find themselves in the following scenarios or similar. Cash out … Read More

Effective Networking

Your net worth will be largely defined by your network. To grow and expand you’re going to need to build relationships with colleagues and those who share similar goals. If you’re not a social butterfly, how do you go about breaking the ice? Here are a few tips. Be punctual. If you’re not the social type, strongly consider arriving early. … Read More

Are You Familiar with the New FinCEN Laws?

Last week, the federal government rolled out its tracking of secretive cash deals involving high-end Miami real estate. Understandably, many in the Miami real estate market are wondering how they may be affected by this new development. An agency called FinCEN launched its new regulations aimed at requiring title insurance companies to reveal the names of buyers behind antonymous companies … Read More

Considering a Fix and Flip? Choose a Hard Money Lender

Are you eyeing a property to potentially fix and flip or rent out? If so, you probably have a solid understanding of what repairs may be required. Have you given sufficient thought to how you’re going to fund it all? A hard money lender is one of your best bets, and here’s why. For starters, obtaining financing within a reasonable … Read More

Short on Time? Consider Bridging Loans

If you’ve been following our regular blog updates, you probably have a good understanding of bridge loans and how they work. Once you’ve developed a solid foundation of how they work, you may wish to explore the similarly sounding Bridging Loans, which also serve the purpose of helping a borrower to fill a financial gap. The majority of Bridging Loans … Read More

Thin Credit? Consider Alternative Lending

We all know that when purchasing a home through conventional means, a sterling credit history is generally required to receive approval. In order to build credit it is also necessary to create debt, so what do you do if you’re the type of person that prefers not to use credit and likes to pay with cash as much as possible? … Read More

Most Floridians Believe It’s the Right Time to Buy

The number of people owning homes has dropped to record lows, yet just over fifty percent of Floridians say it’s worth buying a home according to a recent University of Florida survey. Less than twenty percent felt now was not a good time while the rest remained on the fence. Despite the drop in homeownership, Florida’s rate still remains higher … Read More

Join Us at FAMP Broward Chapter’s Annual Trade Show

Novice mortgage brokers often find themselves in a situation where the deal goes south once it reaches the final stages, the closing table. At M&M Private Lending Group, LLC we take great pride in our team of professionals with years of experience sealing the deal and closing it, and we want to help you become a better mortgage professional. We … Read More

Should You Consider a Multifamily Bridge Loan?

Let’s say you found a really nice multifamily property that’s practically guaranteed to provide a significant return on investment. However, you find yourself in a predicament where the funds to transition ownership within the timeframe set by the seller are not currently available. For various reasons, you’re also faced with a situation where financing options are unavailable to you. Investors … Read More