Are You Familiar with the New FinCEN Laws?

Last week, the federal government rolled out its tracking of secretive cash deals involving high-end Miami real estate. Understandably, this new development is causing many in the Miami real estate market to wonder how it may affect them. FinCEN has launched new regulations that require title insurance companies to disclose buyers’ names behind anonymous companies paying cash for properties costing … Read More

Considering a Fix and Flip? Choose a Hard Money Lender

Are you eyeing a property to potentially fix and flip or rent out? If that is the case, you likely understand well what repairs may be necessary. Have you given sufficient thought to how you’re going to fund it all? A hard money lender is one of your best bets, and here’s why. To start, obtaining financing within a reasonable … Read More

Short on Time? Consider Bridging Loans

If you follow our blog, you know about bridge loans. Now, let’s explore Bridging Loans, which serve the same purpose. Bridging Loans are short-term and interest-focused. They’re great when time is critical, like for property closing dates. To apply, your property’s value and ability to repay matter most. Bridging Loans range from one to three years with an LTV of … Read More

Thin Credit? Consider Alternative Lending

To purchase a home conventionally, you need good credit. However, if you prefer paying in cash, it may lead to “thin credit” issues. Traditional mortgage lenders check income, credit, and assets to determine eligibility, leaving millions of people with old or insufficient credit data, known as “credit invisible” or “thin credit.” Alternative or private lending services are a good option … Read More

Floridians Believe It’s the Right Time to Buy a Home

A recent survey by the University of Florida found that just over fifty percent of Floridians believe it’s worth buying a home, despite the record low homeownership rates. Less than twenty percent felt it was not a good time, while the rest were unsure. Florida’s homeownership rate remains higher than the national rate. Those in favor of buying a home … Read More

FAMP Broward Chapter’s Annual Trade Show

Closing deals can be tough and may have unexpected issues. At M&M Private Lending Group, LLC, our experienced team takes pride in successfully closing deals and can help you become a better mortgage professional. Join us at the FAMP Broward Chapter’s 2017 Annual Trade Show on March 2nd, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Bonaventure Hotel & Conference … Read More

Should You Consider a Multifamily Bridge Loan?

Let’s say you find a really nice multifamily property which practically guarantees a significant return on investment. But, you’re unable to obtain the necessary funds to meet the seller’s timeframe for ownership transfer. For various reasons, you’re also faced with a situation where financing options are unavailable to you. Investors who are unfamiliar with alternative financing may miss out on … Read More

More Renters Equals Greater Rental Development Prospects

Looking for a profitable opportunity in the real estate market? Rent for apartments has risen over 15% in the past five years, leading to a high demand for housing. Developers are racing to meet this demand, with over 300,000 apartment projects in the works for release this year. Millennials, with a median age of 32 and a significant share of … Read More

Use Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investments

Hey, if you’re planning on flipping properties this year for some extra cash, consider getting help from an investment property lender. They’ll provide the funds you need to succeed, plus added security and an edge. Unlike traditional mortgage loans, hard money loans are based on the value of the property versus creditworthiness. We focus your loan on the property you … Read More

Flipping Is Poised to Make a Comeback

Recent news suggests that property flipping is making a comeback. Last year, flippers accounted for just over six percent of all home sales, with flipping defined as selling a property twice within a year. These numbers represent a jump of over 5% compared to 2015, among the highest levels since 2006. This trend somewhat signifies that rising prices are grabbing … Read More