Banks May Not Offer the Best Rates

Mortgage rates are at some of the lowest rates they’ve ever been, but experts suggest that borrowers may not be receiving the best rates that they deserve due to the way banks price mortgage loans. Loans need to be attractive to the investors that purchase them from a bank, and since lenders wish to make a profit, the rates may … Read More

Investors Eye Real Estate Opportunities in 2017

A recent survey involving 1,000 U.S.-based investors determined that nearly 90 percent of them are showing a keen interest in making real estate investments as part of their investment strategy in 2017. The survey also showed that 80 percent of investors view a real estate portfolio as one of the best ways to leave their families a strong financial legacy. … Read More

Foreign Investors Set Their Sights on Commercial Real Estate

Miami’s once feverish residential condo market sales pace may be slowing down, but it’s opening up increased opportunities for the commercial real estate market. Foreign buyers have in the past set their sights on investing in South Florida’s always lucrative pre-construction residential condos, but they are now shifting their attention to income-producing commercial real estate properties. This shift in focus … Read More

Florida Cities Come out on Top

If you’ve spent any time exploring South Florida real estate, you’re probably aware of the many worthwhile opportunities the region presents when it comes to finding lucrative investment property and opportunities. Cities like Miami continue to attract domestic and international investors, and a recent survey only reinforces that The Sunshine State remains one of the best when it comes to … Read More

What’s the Deal with Mortgage Applications?

Despite the fact that a greater number of borrowers are taking advantage of considerably low mortgage rates, housing experts believe that mortgage applications should be higher than what they currently are. Per the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), total mortgage applications rose over 2.5 percent during the beginning of the month, including applications for home purchases and refinancing. This increase was … Read More

Greater Downtown Miami Market Shows Positive Activity

The Miami Downtown Development Authority released its mid-year market report focused on Greater Downtown Miami, showing positive gains in the market. Despite domestic and global headwinds that have affected the velocity and depth of market activity, slower sales have reinforced a more normalized sales pace, ensuring that current activity in the market remains strong. Resale pricing among condominiums in Downtown … Read More