It’s Another Great Day! $420,000 Loan closed in Miami, FL 33145 

The loan closed in Miami, FL! Our team has completed the closing process for a beautiful single-family home in Miami, FL. The property is a stunning 2-bed, 2-bath home with 1,428 square feet of living space in the highly sought-after zip code 33145. The property’s location alone makes it a precious investment. But what sets this property apart is its … Read More

It’s Another Great Day!  $600,000 Loan closed in Parkland FL, 33067

We’re happy to share that we’ve closed a $600,000 loan for a single-family home in Parkland, FL 33067. The best part? We extended 50% of the property’s value and funded the loan in 11 days. We did it all without any tax returns, credit checks, or financials. This is excellent news for real estate investors looking to capitalize on the … Read More

It’s Another Great Day!  $121,000 Loan closed in Fort Pierce, FL, 34982

The loan closed in Fort Pierce, FL, 34982! Another successful loan closure in Fort Pierce, FL, 34982. A single-family residence and lot on Palm Ave secured a loan of $121,000. The lender extended 55% of the property’s value, and the funding process took only nine days. The best part? There was no requirement for tax returns, credit checks, or financials! … Read More

It’s Another Great Day!  $390,000 Loan closed in Hillsboro FL, 33062

Today is another excellent day for our team as we have successfully closed a loan in Hillsboro, FL, for a Single-Family Residence (SFR) located at 1057 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro, FL, 33062. The loan amount we extended for this property is $390,000, equivalent to 60% of its current value. What’s remarkable about this loan closing is that we could fund it … Read More

It’s Another Great Day!  $2,120,000 Loan closed in Wellington FL, 33414

The loan closed in Wellington, FL! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of closing a big loan, especially when it happens quickly and efficiently. In Wellington, FL, a loan for $2,120,000 was recently closed for a single-family home. The loan was funded in ten days and extended for 60% of the property’s value, which is impressively fast in real estate … Read More

It’s Another Great Day!  $198,000 Loan closed in Miami  FL, 33127

We recently closed an investment property deal in the fast-growing Wynwood area of Miami, FL 33127. We extended a $198,000 loan, 35% of the property’s value. This is an outstanding achievement because we could fund the investment in just 11 days without needing tax returns, credit checks, and financials. Our team is proud to have facilitated this investment for our … Read More