How Long Can a Hard Money Loan Be Financed?

In many cases, hard money loans are intended for short term needs, a real estate acquisition being one example. The majority of hard money loans are typically available for as little as a month or up to five years, a stark contrast to traditional mortgages that are usually available for ten or thirty years. However, it can be tough to receive one of these traditional mortgages if the property in question is vacant or distressed, which is often a reason why investors choose to go with hard money lenders.

Here is a fictional scenario: A real estate investor comes across an apartment complex he or she is interested in that’s vacant or requires serious repair.  Because of the difficulties in obtaining a traditional mortgage, the investor has the option to either borrow from someone they know or use a hard money loan to purchase the property. The hard money loan may also cover the costs of necessary repairs required by the apartment complex. Once these repairs are complete and the complex can be rented out, the investor can apply for the traditional mortgage and potentially use it to pay back the hard money loan.

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