Florida Cities Come out on Top

If you’ve spent any time exploring South Florida real estate, you’re probably aware of the many worthwhile opportunities the region presents when it comes to finding lucrative investment property and opportunities. Cities like Miami continue to attract domestic and international investors, and a recent survey only reinforces that The Sunshine State remains one of the best when it comes to investing.

Popular interest rate and financial services information website GOBankingRates recently surveyed 61 of the 100 most populous cities in the country to determine which ones are the best and worst when it comes to owning property. The ranking took into account factors such as employment growth, population growth, the increase in home values, and the number of years required to pay off property. Ultimately, a whopping four Florida cities managed to make the top twenty of the best cities, including three within the top ten. Orlando came in at the number one position followed by Tampa in number two. Miami managed to come in at number ten while Jacksonville notched a number 13 position.

With the ongoing need for housing in these Florida cities, numerous lending opportunities continue to present themselves. Contact us today to learn more about our lending opportunities in Miami and beyond.

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