Floridians Believe It’s the Right Time to Buy


The number of people owning homes has dropped to record lows, yet just over fifty percent of Floridians say it’s worth buying a home according to a recent University of Florida survey. Less than twenty percent felt now was not a good time while the rest remained on the fence.

Despite the drop in homeownership, Florida’s rate still remains higher than the rate of the country. For the ones that said it was a good idea to buy a home, most of them mentioned that current interest rates are a major reason, though this may change should the Federal Reserve decide to increase them. Low home prices, the broad amount of homes available, and economic conditions that are currently favorable are a few additional reasons to consider buying a home.

Among those that said it wasn’t a good idea, the difficulty in obtaining a mortgage was a major reason. With private lending, most, if not all of the hurdles involved in obtaining financing through a traditional lender are thrown out. You won’t need to deal with all of the credit history checks nor will it take practically months to receive approval. If you’d like to take advantage of homeownership or investment opportunities through alternative financing, we’re here to help!

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