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When you’re seeking a loan and the bank says no, M&M Private Lending Group, LLC is here to say yes. We accept multiple types of credit and we work with both commercial and residential properties. Working with us, factors such as time delays and hidden fees are no problem and we require very little documentation. You can also rest assured … Read More

How Do Mortgage and Hard Money Lenders Differ?

We’ve talked a lot about why you may want to go with a hard money lender versus a traditional mortgage lender, but we’ve yet to go into details. How do these two types of lenders differ and why would you want to choose one over the other? Let’s explore some of the fundamental differences.   The source of funds. A … Read More

Borrowers Express Traditional Lender Dissatisfaction

When it comes to purchasing a home, the majority of people will need to go with a lender to become a homeowner. It’s a tried and true practice that’s been going on for years as most people don’t have the funds to pay full cash for a home. Now here’s the interesting part: over twenty percent of first time buyers … Read More

Working with M&M Private Lending, LLC

At M&M Private Lending, LLC, we pride ourselves on being direct, asset-based lenders offering hassle free hard money loans to our clients within a short amount of time. Many prospective clients have asked us what our general requirements and terms are. Here is what you need to know: Loan amount: from as little as $50,000 up to $2.5 million. Up … Read More

Miami Remains Popular with Home Flippers

A recent U.S. Home Flipping Report finds that the number of homes being flipped has dropped. A home flip is considered a property that has been sold in an arms-length sale for a second time within a year. Florida saw the largest drop in home flips, yet four cities within The Sunshine State remained within the top ten of metro … Read More

Miami’s Many Rejected Mortgage Applications

Recent data shows that obtaining a mortgage loan through conventional means is proving to be hard. The state of Florida—particularly cities like Miami and Tampa—are seeing elevated levels of loans being refused as lenders become stricter with their eligibility criteria.   Last year, over 3,000 of the more than 15,500 mortgage applications in Miami were ultimately rejected, resulting in a … Read More

Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise

As the year quickly reaches its end, the long terms rates for mortgages in the United States continue their upward climb following the results of the presidential election. The average rate on a 30-year fixed rate loan increased to 4.03 percent, the highest percentage since July of last year and up from 3.94 percent during the previous week. The rate … Read More

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For your commercial  loans, you can count on M&M Private Lending to provide you the hard money necessary to fund your endeavors when you need it. Having poor credit is not an issue with us and we offer various types of loans to our prospective borrowers. Interested in some of South Florida’s many commercial real estate opportunities? Our commercial loans … Read More

Fund Your Flipping Project with a Hard Money Lender

If you’re seeking money to do some property flipping, you may decide to go with a private money or hard money lender. They may seem similar, but there are significant differences between the two that could be better suited to your needs.   For starters, a private lender will evaluate your eligibility based on three primary factors: your ability to … Read More

Learn More About How Our Hard Money Loans Can Help You

There may be numerous hard money lending companies doing business, but not all of them are legit or provide the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with an established company. M&M Private Lending Group, LLC has been in the business for decades and we strictly adhere to all laws on a local and national level. If you’ve been thinking … Read More